Sunday, December 18, 2022

Our Most Popular Posts of 2022

This will be my last post of 2022, and I want to thank everyone who has spent some of his or her valuable time reading this blog. My goal here has always been to provide content that readers will find informative, thought-provoking and useful, and I've been immensely gratified by the attention and engagement this blog has received.

I'm planning to make a few changes to this blog in 2023. The plans are mostly final, and I'll be detailing them in my first post of next year on January 8th. In general, though, I plan to focus more of the blog content on the strategic themes that are shaping the practice of B2B marketing. More to come on this next month.

For the past several years, I've used my last post of the year to share which posts have been most widely read. For this list, I'm only considering posts that were published in 2022. I've ranked the posts based on cumulative total reads, so those published earlier in the year have an advantage.

So, in case you missed any of them, here are our five most popular posts of 2022:

  1. [Deep Dive] Online Marketplaces Reshape B2B Commerce and Prompt New Marketing Tactics
  2. Why Brand Loyalty Is a Rare Commodity
  3. [Book Review] A Strategic Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
  4. Novelty Is Essential for Compelling Thought Leadership
  5. [Deep Dive] Is Purpose Marketing Right for Your Company?

Happy holidays to everyone, and best wishes for a great 2023!

Image courtesy of Republic of Korea via Flickr (CC).

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